Thanks for visiting the website for our club, The Canandaigua Sky Chiefs  aka  CHIEFS.

Becoming a member of the CHIEFS is easy.


Membership in the AMA  - Academy of Model Aeronautics is a prerequisite . 


Fill in and mail a New Member Application form(we'll collect your money after approval vote) 

Potential new members must attend one meeting.
Potential new members must have a club member sponsor.
Potential new members must introduce themselves and state their reasons for joining the club at their first meeting.
If for any reason the potential new member is unable to attend one meeting due to extenuating circumstances, the board of directors will decide if it is not necessary for you to attend one meeting. Consequently, you must have your club member sponsor attend for you and tell the membership your reason for joining the club.
A simple majority secret vote for membership in the club shall take place at that meeting. The potential new member will be notified of the result by the secretary within one week.

 Two payment costs are due and shall be paid as soon as is practical:

                            1) A one time initiation fee of $25.00 

                            2) yearly membership dues are as follows -

            a) Adult Member -               $65.00                       

            b) Spouse Member -           $25.00 (Flying)

            c) Spouse Member  -          $0.00  (Non Flying)

            d) Youth Member -              $0.00

            e) Associate Member  -      $15.00 (Voting-Non Flying)    

            f) Honorary Member -        $0.00


               Adult members - age 19 or older

               Spouse Member - those who are married to an Adult member

               Youth Members - age below 19

               Associate Member - one who wants to maintain relationship with The CHIEFS club

               Honorary Member - one who is appointed by the Board

To send in your new Member Application form or

your member renewal dues (Make check payable to Canandaigua Sky CHIEFS   -

                             Mail To:

                                            PO box 869

                                            Canandaigua NY 14424

Download this new Member Application form. PRINT it.

Fill it out and mail it to our PO Box

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