Thanks for visiting the website for our club, The Canandaigua Sky Chiefs  aka  CHIEFS.

 Becoming a member of the CHIEFS is easy.


                 Membership in the AMA  - Academy of Model Aeronautics is a prerequisite . 


                 Attend two monthly club meetings.

                 Fill in and mail a Membership Application form(we'll collect your money after                                   approval vote) .

                 Approval vote is taken in the second meeting and approval is by a simple majority.

                 Two payment costs are due and payable:

                            1) A one time initiation fee of $25.00 

                            2) yearly membership dues are as follows -

            a) Adult Member -               $65.00                       

            b) Spouse Member -           $25.00 (Flying)

            c) Spouse Member  -          $0.00  (Non Flying)

            d) Youth Member -              $0.00

            e) Associate Member  -      $15.00 (Voting-Non Flying)    

            f) Honorary Member -        $0.00


               Adult members - age 19 or older

               Spouse Member - those who are married to an Adult member

               Youth Members - age below 19

               Associate Member - one who wants to maintain relationship with The CHIEFS club

               Honorary Member - one who is appointed by the Board

To send in your member renewal dues (Make check payable to Canandaigua Sky Chiefs)or your new Membership Application form  -  Mail To:

         PO box 896

         Canandigua NY 14424

Download this new Membership Application form. PRINT it.

Fill it out and mail it to our PO Box

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